Stratt: Online business courses taught by world-class experts.
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To be earth’s global knowledge bank

Develop practical, bite-sized online business courses
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Create interactive learning experiences through the use of advanced technologies
Build learning programs customizable to individual and professional needs
Deliver practical content targeting skills development for career growth


To disrupt the business education industry by embracing technological innovation to deliver high-quality online courses. Through the use of advanced technologies, we are building engaging courses aimed at practical skills development.

We are working hard to build a place where people come together to learn from industry experts, discover their talents and share their expertise. We believe in the multiplier effect of knowledge. Stratt Executive University is committed to empowering people with the knowledge and skills to reach their full potential.

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Stratt is led by a team of Ivy-League graduates, seasoned professionals and academics who draw on experiences in business, technology, education and public policy to build cutting-edge online business courses.

Stratt Executive University - The global hub for online business courses.